Our youngest business line and a result of corporate social responsibility vision is BIURFOL Naturalnie. This minimalistic and elegant assortment of office supplies is made of recycled PVC & can be reprocessed into raw material.

In our portfolio we already have over 300 designs of office supplies, marketing & advertising tools. The latter, manufactured under Biurfol Personal brand, are created in collaboration with our Customers. Whether it is the print, embossing or the unconventional shape & form,  our team will be happy to help you choose the most suitable solution, according to your style and requirements. We will give you our expertise and add a little twist, to make the product stand out.

Technological innovativeness and wide range of high quality products, are a result of investing consistently in these three, most important factors:

  • Reliable and experienced employees,
  • Production line based on latest technological solutions,
  • Highest quality raw materials.

Today the plant employs over 200 professionals – thanks to them BIURFOL, offers their Customers reliable and kind service, as well as a variety of highest European quality products.

Management Board:

Anna Holz – President of Management Board

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