Hard file folder with side perforation (PVC, A4)


  • made of  hard PVC foil, the front  transparent, the back  coloured
  • side perforation to fit into most ring binders
  • fitted with a 16,5 cm long metal paper fastener, capable of holding documents up to 2cm in thickness.
  • replaceable paper strip for description with barcode
  • holes on both sides of the folder for easy removal of the paper strip
  • rounded edges on both sides of the cover

sales unit
10 pcs
sales unit
20 pcs
SH-01-01 ST-02-01
SH-01-02 ST-02-02
SH-01-03 ST-02-03
SH-01-04 ST-02-04
SH-01-05 ST-02-05
SH-01-06 ST-02-06
SH-01-07 ST-02-08
SH-01-08 ST-02-07
SH-01-09 ST-02-09
SH-01-10 ST-02-10

SH-01-11 ST-02-11

SH-01-12 ST-02-12
SH-01-13 ST-02-13


  • 260 pcs


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