Biurfol is currently one of the largest domestic manufacturers of office and school stationery products made of PVC and PP foil. The company possesses only Polish capital and offers products of own production only.

The modern and very functional seat of the company which was built in 2009 and has its own production hall and storage area is located in the industrial part of the picturesque city of Toruń situated by the Vistula River.

The company employs nearly 200 experienced and qualified employees, owing to whom Biurfol has been providing its customers with reliable and kind services as well as a wide range of products fulfilling the highest European standards for years.

At present the production capacity of the company is practically unlimited and the constantly modernized and improved production line based on the newest technologies as well as the use of the best available materials guarantee products of the highest quality.

From the beginning of its activity, i.e. continuously for over 20 years, the company has been manufacturing office and school stationery products of the highest quality which have already exceeded 300 available patterns. 

The company specializes in manufacturing PVC welded products, made of various types of PVC foil: soft and hard, transparent and coloured foil available in a wide variety of colours. Apart from PVC foil products, the company offers various goods made of very flexible PP foil which is more eco-friendly owing to its easier utilisation properties.

Apart from standard, universal assortment the company has been offering personalized advertising products successfully completing the company’s offer for a few years. Shapes, colours, printed designs and embossing – completion of extraordinary orders depends, in fact, on customers’ imagination and their unusual expectations.

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